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Why Extend your Kitchen?

Benefits of a Kitchen Extension 

When you think of the heart of your home, what comes to mind? Chances are that for many people it’s their kitchen. The place where we host dinner parties and spend time together as a family unit – but is this really possible with all these fun events happening more often than ever before in today’s society-at least if our kitchens are feeling too small because they’re filling up way faster then expected. 

Do you have a small kitchen? Do you feel like it doesn’t do the job of meeting your needs? There are many reasons why people choose to extend their kitchens. Sometimes they want more space, sometimes they need a bigger fridge or freezer, and other times they might just be looking for some extra storage. In this post we will discuss these top reasons as to why extending your kitchen is an excellent idea!

Types of Kitchen Extensions 

A kitchen extension is a great way to not only add extra space for your family but it can also be done in stages depending on how much funding you have. There are three main types which include rear extensions that just extend the house further back into garden space; side return and wrap around projects where part of their design includes connecting one room with another so they become one continuous living area – perfect if you want to create an open-plan living or dining room!

So, Why Invest?

The Practicality 

The kitchen extension has a multitude of uses! You can use it for dining, socialising and hosting. By freeing up the other room in your home you are making more space which could become anything from an office to even another bedroom or games room – giving yourself so much more convenience with just one addition. You have many reasons to extend your kitchen, such as the size of it not being adequate or you having a large family. If this is something that concerns you and there isn’t an issue with living in your current home then we can help solve all those issues!

The Aesthetics 

A kitchen extension is a fantastic investment in terms of the aesthetic prowess it can bring. Having more space for cooking, storing and eating will allow you to change up your entire look on various levels: from getting rid of some clutter with extra storage options or even adding an impressive bar that serves as both a workstation and dining area!

Having an island installed is a great choice because it allows you to cook and serve meals without shutting yourself away from the rest of your family. You can use this newfound space for numerous different purposes that add quality time to everyday life at home, such as hosting friends or cooking dinner with loved ones! 

More Space 

There are many reasons to consider a kitchen extension. The biggest benefit is the space you’ll gain, and what better use than an added island in your new home? You could also convert one side of this room into something useful like storage or even a breakfast bar complete with stools so that everyone can gather around during meal times together!

Added Value of your Home – so you Don’t Need to Move

A modern and practical extension could be the perfect investment for your home. Whether you’re planning to sell up soon or would like reassurance that it will still be there when needed in ten years’ time – an addition is worth considering with a profitable return on its cost-of-investment!

The cost of moving is never the most affordable option, but if you love your home and want everything else about it just a little bit more perfect than before then renovating might be an idea for you.

Thinking of Extending your Kitchen? Need Kitchen Extension Drawings? Call Us Today 

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so it’s no surprise that people are investing in their kitchens more than ever. But with larger families and busy lifestyles, sometimes space can become an issue for cooking or entertaining guests. That’s where extending your kitchen comes into play! 

You might be thinking all you have to do is knock down a wall to create an open-plan living area but there are many other considerations when expanding your current layout, including planning permissions, extension drawings and much more. If you’re looking at adding on to your existing kitchen – whether because it just doesn’t cut it anymore or as part of a renovation plan, then be sure to get in touch with the team at Extension Plans UK.

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