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Building Regulations

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The difference is in the detail!

Building regulation drawings include detailed illustrations crucial for the architectural process and specifications to meet current building standards

Unlike design drawings, these plans include the detailing required for your builder, focusing on structural elements, fire safety, accessibility, and other critical details.

Our team excels at creating precise, compliant drawings, ensuring alignment with safety, thermal, and structural requirements.

These drawings not only facilitate the approval process with regulatory authorities but also serve as a vital guide for contractors, ensuring that the construction phase is executed with precision and in accordance with the established standards.

What do I need before starting construction?

Building Regulation Drawings

Our designers craft precise building regulation drawings, serving as the cornerstone for efficient construction progress. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure compliance with all building control standards, minimising potential issues during construction.

Structural Calculations

As part of our services, we work with engineers for essential structural calculations, specifying requirements for steel beams, timber beams, and rafters. This ensures your construction is built on a foundation of safety and stability.

Sewer build over consent

Building over or close to a public sewer may require approval from your local sewage provider. We handle the build-over application, navigating the process for compliance and securing necessary approvals for sewage build over consent

Party Wall Notice Consent

In most cases, party wall notices are to be served to the owner of your neighbouring properties to request consent before construction begins.

Our team will asses the party wall requirement on your behalf and provide the relevant notices to be provided to the owner of your neighbouring properties

Building Control Submission

A building control application must be submitted at least 5 working days before construction starts.

It can be sent to a private building control company or the local council. Our administration department handles the application submission on your behalf, and we’re available for any questions or queries your builders may have during construction.

Looking for a builder ?

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At Extension Plans, we understand the significance of a skilled and reliable construction team. We can often recommend builders working in your area. All of our recommended builders have been vetted and quality checked with a proven track record of quality work. Our commitment extends beyond design; we aim to connect clients with expert and reliable builders, ensuring a harmonious transition from plans to reality. We prioritise recommending builders who share our commitment to excellence, giving clients the assurance that their vision is in capable hands.

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